The season my mom forgot to tell me about!

Who would have ever imagined chronic fatigue is considered an illness? According to the Center of Disease Control, it is. So, if you wake up tired, just call in sick. LOL

If you are having problems falling asleep, guess what, you are not alone. Millions of women are walking around sleep deprived. So, if we catch you dozing at your desk, we will just let you rest. It may be the only sleep you get all day.

Oops, how embarrassing, I did it again. At 42 years old I had a problem wetting my pants. All I did was cough or sneeze and water started to flow down to my knees. What in the heck was going on?

"Sissy, where are you?" "At Walmart." "What are you doing?" "Crying." "Why?" "I don't know." Sound familiar?

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One woman’s Journey may save millions of other women

This book was inspired by one woman's journey in trying to figure out what was going on with herself. She was determined to find answers. What caused her debilitating chronic fatigue? Why couldn't she fall asleep? During this same time, wetting her pants seemed to be a common occurrence. Not to mention the crying spells. What was going on? She gained more insight than she ever imagined. As she found answers, she was saddened by her findings and felt compelled to share. She creatively and so eloquently shares her journey and research hoping it will enlighten others about this treacherous season and help them to regain their quality of life. Sit back, relax, have an extra pair of undies, kleenex and enjoy this book. You will find yourself laughing so hard you wet your pants and then the next minute you might be crying so hard because of the startling information. In the end, we trust this book will be enlightening. Enjoy


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This book is a page-turner as noted by one of the readers. It will make you laugh, you may cry, but more importantly you will feel inspired, uplifted, encouraged and renewed. It was inspired by one woman's journey trying to understand why she all of a sudden she couldn't fall asleep and felt overwhelmingly tired. Her chronic fatigue and insomnia left her debilitated. She became quite irritable, forgetful and bad choices, yes their were many. She was determined to find answers and she did. In fact, she found more than she ever imagined. She discovered, no matter where you lived in the world, women were suffering from the same thing. Her discovery helped her understand her changes and gave her the tools necessary to regain her life. Thus, her passion to share with others was born. This book is a must read for every woman and man to understand the seasonal changes that affect us all. It provides amazing insight in a simple, informative and entertaining format on what I did, what I learned and how I recovered.

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